Better for your health. Better for the environment. Antoniou products are developed with you in mind.~John Antoniou

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Antoniou is the complete smart line of hair care products to repair hair. All of our products sense the condition of the hair and respond accordingly. Want to nurture, build body, and witness the continuing improvement of your hair? You've gotta get Antoniou!


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We are proud to present a featured product from our line at a fraction of regular cost. This will enable you to sample all Antoniou has to offer without going over budget, and never being bored with your hair.


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Our Patented formula not only complies with all VOC regulations, but exceeds expectations of hair care. This has not been achieved by any other company.


What They Say

quote After my hairdresser left bleach on my hair too long (chatting with her friend), my hair was mush. I tried every product I could get my hands on regardless of the price. Nothing worked. After finding your product videos on youtube, I purchased Rezz-a-rect. I used Rezz-a-rect today and I came out of my bathroom crying because in just one single use my hair was restored... Yes!!! Thank you so much for helping me.

C. Ramos

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